Professor Petros Lorrimor

Dr. Petros Lorrimor, Professor Emiritus of the University of Lepistadt, former First Councilman of Canterwall, Emissary to the Court of Crown Prince Aduard Ordranti III, Honorary Knight of Lastwall, Order of the Vigil.


When not away in the cause of duty, Professor Petros Lorrimor lived in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav. He lived with his young daughter, Kendra Lorrimor in a modest home to the south of the town. Kendra’s mother passed when she was but an infant while living in Lepistadt. Lorrimor lived in Ravengro for eight years, but has never been fully accepted by the insular folk of the town. He was a respected but controversial figure whose knowledge of arcane studies and penchant for trouble made most uneasy. No one doubted his heart however, he was a staunch protector of the vulnerable, always sought to do right, and was a hero of Ustalav.


Professor Lorrimor was a renowned scholar of Ustlavic history, whose expertise in matters of folklore and legend were without peer. In his long career he used his expansive knowledge of the supernatural to combat evil, and has been an ally of The Church of Pharasma, as well as the Silver Crusade faction of the Pathfinder Society. His particular expertise is The Whispering Way, a cult of undead worshippers often considered to be nothing more than fear mongering rumor.


Though Professor Lorrimor survived many adventures in his life, he was felled by fate, when a piece of masonry fell on him while exploring Harrowstone Prison in his home town of Ravengro.


Professor Petros Lorrimor

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