Special Rules

Leveling and Roleplay

To acquire new skills, class features, skills, etc. characters must practice! Select character advancements based on the heroic deeds and the challenges your characters have faced during the previous level. Alternatively, your character may spend time deliberately working toward incorporating a new skill into their repetition (for example, a fighter may spend time in camp working on splitting multiple melons in anticipation of mastering the Cleave talent; the wizard may gather components and try and few preliminary casts of Fireball before mastering the spell, to reflect his efforts in acquiring the spell). Incorporate your characters growth into their story, and let the story affect how your character grows!


Any character may retrain feats. A character may retrain only one feat at a time and may only retrain when they gain a level. Characters may not retrain feats that are a prerequisite for other feats they possess, class levels, etc.

In order to retrain a feat, the character must have met the requirements for their new feat at the time they acquired the feat slot (i.e. a first level feat may not be swapped for a feat whose prerequisite is level 5). Players will need to get approval from the GM for any retrained feat.

Fighters may swap their bonus feats normally.

Intimidate and the Undead

Demoralize conditions are considered morale effects, not fear effects. When an undead or construct gains an Intelligence score, they lose their immunity to morale effects and are instead granted a bonus to saves versus morale effects that is based on their Charisma. This means that Intelligent undead and constructs can be demoralized, benefit/suffer from bardic music, and can fly into a barbarian rage.

Special Rules

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