Serafina Gurgovski

Hair black with slight wave. Skin pale, nearly transparent and flawless. Eyes are extremely pale blue, giving the appearance of being blind.


Height is 5 foot and four inches. Build is slender. If she is outside in the bright sun she will have a tendency to hunch as if in trying to escape the sun. She wears sunglasses with side covers and hats. When she is not wearing sunglasses it seems as if she is either staring through you with her pale blue eyes. On the extremely rare occasion that she does smile, her teeth are extremely white and healthy, especially compared to the average person, they are downright spectacular. The canines are pronounced. Her face structure is especially attractive. Square and a strong shaped face, narrow nose and full lips. She has a small beauty mark to the left side of her face.

Her clothing tends to darker shades, blacks and dark browns. Her wide brim leader hat she likes to wear has the only splash of color she wears, it is adorned with a long red feather that dances with her movement.

There is always a raven around her or with her. The raven is called Babushka.


Serafina Gurgovski

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